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Wednesday, 3 May 1961

Mr Whitlam - To save time and one division, I ask for leave to move together amendments Nos. 8 and 9 that have been circulated in the name of the Leader of the Opposition.

The CHAIRMAN - There being no objection, leave is granted.

Proposed new clauses.

Sections proposed to be amended - 123.- (1.) In a Senate election a voter shall mark his vote on his ballot-paper as follows: -

(a)   Where his ballot-paper is a ballot-paper in accordance with Form E in the Schedule - he shall place the number 1 in the square opposite the name of the candidate for whom he votes as his first preference, and shall place the numbers 2, 3, 4 (and so on, as the case requires) in the squares opposite the names of all the remaining candidates so as to indicate the order of his preference for them; 133. - (1.) A ballot-paper shall (except as otherwise provided by section one hundred and twentythree of this Act, and by the regulations relating to absent voting on polling day or to voting by post) be informal if -

(b)   in a Senate election, it has no vote indicated on it, or it does not indicate the voter's first preference for one candidate and the order of his preference for all the remaining candidates:

Provided that, where the voter has indicated his first preference for one candidate and his consecutive preferences for all the remaining candidates except one and the square opposite the name of that candidate has been left blank, it shall be deemed that the voter's preference for that candidate is his last and accordingly he has indicated the order of his preference for all the candidates;

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