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Tuesday, 17 November 1959


Order! The committee will now revert to the proposal put forward by the AttorneyGeneral.

Sir Garfield Barwick - I have given quite a deal of thought, during the last few moments, as to how I can assist honorable members. Let me remind them that these amendments were circulated a month ago and they are not just seeing them now for the first time. Also, by far the greater number of them are technical amendments.

Mr Luchetti - The judges will argue for hours on that, too.

Sir Garfield Barwick - Maybe. The difficulty is that I cannot do what was proposed, namely, seek a print of the bill with the amendments in it, because that would mean that the original text would be lost. For my part I am quite prepared to see whether there is any way in which 1 can assist honorable members. I point out that to the list of amendments circulated about a month ago I appended the reason for each amendment, and an explanation of each amendment, in order to assist honorable members. Now the only question is whether a member can identify quickly a particular amendment in relation to the text. I realize that more might be necessary if each of the amendments were controversial or had to be very carefully studied by every one. But most of them are not controversial, so I suggest that I be given the leave I ask for, since that would really be for the convenience of honorable members.

Mr Ward - You have not leave.

Sir Garfield Barwick - I am asking for leave. It is so much easier for honorable members to see each amendment inserted in its place as we go through the bill rather than to have to wait until we have finished with other amendments and then begin to insert clauses. My suggestion is that I have the leave that I ask for, and I will endeavour during the night to see if I can think of any way in which I can assist honorable members.

Mr Ward - Why not redraft the bill and bring it back to us?

Sir Garfield Barwick - There is no virtue in that, and I do not propose to do it. The proposal was that the debate be adjourned at 11 p.m., so in the meantime we could go on with the formal early clauses of the bill, and do what we can with them in that half hour. Overnight I will see if there is any means by which I can facilitate the consideration of the measure by honorable members. After all, voting in the division we have just had was on the same footing as applied in respect of the amendment to the motion for the second reading.

Mr Calwell - I suggest that if the Attorney-General will agree to report progress, with the assurance he has given that overnight he will do his best to meet the wishes of honorable members, honorable members ought to give him leave.

Sir Garfield Barwick - I am not against that course, Mr. Temporary Chairman, so long as it is clearly understood that I cannot promise to do all that is suggested; I can only endeavour to do it.

Mr Daly - Mr. Temporary Chairman, on the point that the Minister has mentioned-


Order! The honorable member for Grayndler will resume his seat.

Mr Daly - Can not I get the call?

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