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Wednesday, 25 March 1942

Mr BEASLEY (West Sydney) (Minister for Supply and Development) . - I move - [Excise Tariff Amendment No. 6.]

That the Schedule to the Excise Tariff 1921-1939, as proposed to be amended by theExciseTariff Proposals introduced into the House of Representatives on the fifth day of March, One thousand nine hundred and forty-two, be further amended as hereinafter set out, and that on and after the twenty-sixth day of March, One thousand nine hundred and forty-two, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, reckoned according to summertime in the Australian Capital Territory, Duties of Excise becollected in pursuance of the Excise Tariff 1921-1939 as so amended.


The proposal is to delete item 6 (e) from the Excise Tariff for the reason that it is no longer necessary to collect duty under it.

The item was first introduced in 1937, and arose out of the formation of the Federal Tobacco Advisory Committee, a body constituted on the recommendation of the Australian Agricultural Council to further the interests of the Australian tobacco-growers. As the committee was working in the interests of the growers, it was only to be expected that growers should meet the incidental expenses of their representative body. The widespread nature of the tobacco-growing industry, however, presented difficulties in the way of obtaining funds by voluntary means; consequently it was decided that it should be done by imposing an excise duty of 6d. per cwt. on all Australiangrown tobacco leaf sold to manufacturers. A sum equivalent to the amount of excise duty collected under the item, which approximates £1,200 per annum, is paid from Consolidated Revenue to the Federal Tobacco Advisory Committee. In consequence of the formation of the Australian Tobacco Board under National Security (Australian Tobacco Leaf) Regulations in May, 1941, the Australian Agricultural Council has now recommended that the Federal Tobacco Advisory Committee shall cease to function, as the interests of the Australian grower will be well protected by the new board. The funds of the board are to be obtained by means of a levy on both manufacturers and growers, and provision has been made to collect the impost by means other than the Excise Tariff; consequently, there is no necessity to maintain Excise Tariff item 6 (e). I may mention that the Federal Tobacco Advisory Committee is in agreement with the action now being taken, and that it is acceptable to both growers and manufacturers.

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