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Wednesday, 30 November 1938

Mr Nairn (PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA) n asked the Prime Minister, upon notice -

1.   Does the decision of the Government to permit the export of pig iron extend to scrap iron, also

2.   If the Government should take action to discipline the lumpers at ports in the eastern States, will it take action to ensure uniformity at Fremantle, where lumpers have refused to load scrap iron for Japan?

3.   If necessary, -will it proclaim Fremantle as a port to which the Transport Workers Act shall apply?

Mr Lyons - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : -

1.   Yes. 2 and 3. There is no present reason why the course suggested by the honorable member for Perth should be considered so far as the waterside workers at Fremantle are concerned.

Mr Perkins s. - On the 13th November, the honorable member for East Sydney (Mr. Ward) asked the following questions, upon notice: -

1.   What quantity of iron ore has been shipped from this country since the Government imposed its ban on the export of this commodity ?

2.   What quantity of pig iron and scrap metal was exported in the same period?

3.   Who were the principal exporters?

I am now able to furnish the honorable member with the following information : -

1.   Quantity of iron ore exported from the 1st July, 1938, to date is62,667 tons.

2.   Pig iron exports, July, 1938, to October, 1938, inclusive - 1,604 tons. Scrap iron and steel export, July, 1938, to October, 1938, inclusive - 11,114 tons.

3.   Exporters of iron ore are Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited and Brown and Dureau Proprietary Limited. Exporters of pig iron - Broken Hill Proprietary Limited and Australian Iron and Steel Proprietary Limited. Principal exporters of scrap iron and steel are Brown and Dureau Proprietary Limited, Holden's Motor Body Works Proprietary Limited, and Kanematsu (Australia) Proprietary Limited.

Mr Lyons - On the18th November, the honorable member for Kalgoorlie (Mr. Green) asked me a question, without notice, as to the quantity of pig iron which had been exported since the prohibition was placed on the export of iron ore from Australia.

I am now in a position to inform the honorable member that the quantity of pig iron which has been exported from Australia during the period the 1st July (the date on which the prohibition on the exportation of iron ore from Australia became operative) until the 31st October, was 1,604 tons for the following destinations: - New Zealand, 1,428 tons; Netherlands East Indies, 55 tons; British Malaya, 70 tons; New Caledonia, 30 tons ; Hong Kong, 20 tons ; and Society Island, 1 ton. The Government has decided . that the present volume of exports of pig iron is not such as to justify any restrictive measures, but the position will be kept constantly under review, and, if it appears at any time that the exportation of this commodity is likely to increase to such an extent as detrimentally to affect Australian industry and development, the question of restriction of exports will receive immediate consideration.

Recruiting Campaign : Appointment of Mr. McCahon.

Mr MULCAHY (LANG, NEW SOUTH WALES) t asked the Minister for External Affairs, upon notice -

1.   Is the Minister correctly reported in a statement attributed to him in the Melbourne Argus of the 22nd November, 1938, that the appointment of Mr. J. McCahon as advisory consultant to the recruiting committee is honorary ?

2.   What is the nature of the expert qualifications of Mr. McCahon to fit him fbr the appointment?

3.   What are the particulars of Mr. McCahon's service in the militia?

4.   Will all, or any, of the paid publicity work and the placing of advertising for the recruiting campaign be handled by the firm of advertising agents of which Mr. McCahon is managing director?

5.   If so, will this firm he remunerated on the scale approved by the Advertising Service Agents' Association and accepted by the Australian Newspapers' Conference andthe Federation of Broadcasting Stations, namely, 10 per cent. commission on newspaper advertising accounts, 12½ per cent. commission on accounts for commercial broadcasts, agency fee of 5 per cent.?

6.   If these are not the terms, what are the terms to be paid?

7.   Will Mr. McCahon be recouped for travelling, out-of-pocket expenses, and time lost; if so, at what rates?

8.   Was Mr. McCahon's appointment approved by the Government's advisers in the Defence Department?

Mr. Hughes(through. Mr. Street). - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   Yes.

2.   Mr. McCahonis an expert in advertising and publicity work.

3.   Mr. McCahonhas not served in the militia forces. He, however, performed the training required under the universal training provisions of the Defence Act, and held a commission in the senior cadets, from which he resigned. He completed his service in the Citizen Forces.

4.   No. 5 and 6. See reply to No. 4.

7.   No undertaking has been given; but, if he is required to travel, reasonable travelling expenses will be paid.

8.   The appointment was made by the Government.

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