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Thursday, 22 October 1931


That the following now clause be inserted: - "8a. Section 132 of the principal act is amended by adding at the end thereof the following proviso: - Provided that goods imported on any vessel shall, upon entry for home consumption at any port after the first port of call in Australia,be dutiable at all ports at the rates of duty in force on the date the vessel carrying the goods first reported at. an Australian port of call."

I foreshadowed this amendment during the second-reading debate. The Minister then expressed the opinion that the representations which had been made in support of the change proposed have come chiefly or entirely from the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Forde - Chiefly from that body.

Mr D CAMERON (BRISBANE. QLD) - This amendment has been approved of unanimously by the Associated Chambers of Commerce of Australia at each of their annual conferences for several years past. The Brisbane chamber has, no doubt, been the most active in the matter, because Queensland has suffered more disability than the southern States owing to the absence of the provision contained in my amendment. The Minister also said that, if by any unfortunate circumstance - others might regard it as a happy circumstance - a change of government should take place, and a reduction were made in the tariff, importers in Queensland might suffer by this change. But all these points have been considered, and the one desire is to have the matter adjusted on an equitable basis. I hope that, even now, if the Minister is unwilling to accept my amendment, he will himself bring down an amendment to meet the repeated request of thechambers of commerce and the trading community throughout Australia.

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