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Friday, 30 July 1920

Mr RYAN (West Sydney) .- I wish to test the feeling of the Committee on a matter of very great importance, and, therefore, move-

That after the word "Act" the following words be inserted: - . " Provided that no moneys shall be expended or applied under the authority of this Act for the purpose of effecting any further deportations of residents of Australia without first being found guilty after having a charge laid against them and being afforded the opportunity of a public trial by jury in accordance with the principles of British justice.

I think that public feeling is sufficiently aroused to make it imperative that we, as representatives of the people, shall take effective action in Parliament to pre vent the trampling under foot of Magna Charta, as has been) done by this Go- . vernment of late, and also its adoption of Star Chamber methods. I do not debate the question now, because I do nob. wish to delay the Committee.

Sir JOSEPHCOOK (Parramatta-

Treasurer) [4.5]- I am sorry that the honorable member has raised this matter in connexion with a Supply Bill, because it is most controversial.

Mr Ryan - It is very important.

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