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Friday, 30 July 1920

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Hon J M, Chanter (RIVERINA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I have already ruled in connexion with a proposal of the honorable member for Angas (Mr. Gabb) that an amendment to increase the number of sitting days is not relevant , to the motion, which merely raisesthe question: Shall Government business take precedence of generalbusiness on each sitting day, no matter how many sitting days there may he? I cannot accept an amendment to insert the words " save one," as proposed bythe honorable member for Macquarie, because that would merely put us hack to where we are at present, and he equivalent to a negativing of the motion.

Mr NICHOLLS (MACQUARIE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - ThenI give notice of my intention to move to dissent from your ruling.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - The honorable member has handed me a notice of dissent in the following terms : -

I hereby give notice that I intend to move that the ruling of Mr. Deputy Speaker - that to insert the words " save one " after " sitting day," and the words " and there shall be an additional sitting day on Tuesday of each week," at the end of the motion is out of order - be disagreed to.

The statement of , the ruling contained in that notice practically accords with what I said, and under the standing order the discussion on the motion of dissent must go over to the next sitting day.

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