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Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee - 14/02/2012 - Estimates - REGIONAL AUSTRALIA, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, ARTS AND SPORT - National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia


Ms Schwirtlich : The National Library has reduced the level of retrospective cataloguing. It has sought to increase the amount of funding that it raises in order to do digitising. It increased charges for interlibrary loans and it reduced the level of support for some of the internal help desks for various services that we run, consortia and things like that. We reduced our own IT help desk, restricted the number of public events and made significant reductions in supplier expenditure, including travel.

Senator MILNE: And jobs?

Ms Schwirtlich : Over the course of the year we looked to reduce by 11 positions, all by attrition.

Senator MILNE: Thank you. Can we now go to the National Museum.