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Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee
National Film and Sound Archive

National Film and Sound Archive


Senator MILNE: The National Film and Sound Archive: what does it mean for digitising records et cetera? How many jobs have you lost? Tell me what it means for some of your work.

Mr Vogt : In the current financial year we have investigated where we can cut back our operating costs in terms of spending less money on consultancies; we have thoroughly reviewed, and we are trending down, the amount of money we spend on travel; we are looking at whole-of-government procurement efficiencies we can get in terms of a small agency tapping into some of the whole-of-government procurement options around our mobile phone, travel and ICT services to find efficiencies; we are also looking at pursuing a fundraising strategy with the support of our board. That is a major priority for the organisation. We are looking to grow our own revenue base. We are looking at opportunities for increases in our commercial revenue streams through some of our product sales as well as some of the charging regimes for our access services. We are also looking at opportunities for online educational resources and, perhaps, grant program funding that we might be able to tap into. In terms of staffing levels, we have identified that we need to review every position as it comes up. We are doing that and looking at strategic workforce planning to identify where we might be able to reduce in some areas but still deliver the full work program.

Senator MILNE: Okay. So there is nothing specific in terms of positions that you have not been able to fill or major programs like digitising the collection that you have had to delay?

Mr Vogt : We have identified a target of up to seven positions, and we are looking at doing that strategically by identifying how we can reassign duties to other officers. So, in that context, we are looking at efficiencies. We are still digitising the collection to the extent to which we are resourced and able to do that.

Senator MILNE: I have some questions for the National library.

CHAIR: Before we do that, without being rude, if we can get the answers out as quickly as possible it would be greatly appreciated.