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Proposed expenditure, $22,002,000 (Document A).

Proposed provision, $719,000 (Document B).

Senators in attendance:

Senator Bolkus, Minister for Administrative Services

Department of Employment, Education and Training-

Mr P. W. Hickey, Deputy Secretary

Mr A. R. Ruby, First Assistant Secretary, Schools and Curriculum Division

Mr D. A. Fooks, First Assistant Secretary, TAFE and Skills Formation Division

Mr M. A. Gallagher, First Assistant Secretary, Programs Division

Mr J. W. Muir, First Assistant Secretary, International Division

Mr A. J. Kaspura, First Assistant Secretary, Management Division

Mr R. J. Green, Assistant Secretary, Resources and Consultations Branch

Mr M. J. Cusack, Assistant Secretary, Community Strategies Branch

Mr R. W. Pratley, Assistant Secretary, Higher Education Grants and Finance Branch

Mr N. G. St Jacques, Assistant Secretary, Student Services Branch

Ms R. G. McKay, Assistant Secretary, Network Support Branch

Ms L. D. Hale, Assistant Secretary, Resources Management Branch

Dr A. W. Stretton, Assistant Secretary, Industry Analysis Branch

Ms L. M. Riggs, Assistant Secretary, Overseas Students Branch

Mr R. N. Wilson, Acting Assistant Secretary, Business and Planning Branch

Mr P. W. Pritchard, Director, Resources Section

Ms L. D. Evans, Director, TAFE Analysis & Administration Section

Mr D. S. Fisher, Director, National Board of Employment, Education and Training

Mr K. V. Fahey, Assistant Director, Program Resources Section

Department of Finance-

Mr B. McDonald, Finance Officer, Employment, Education and Training Division

Ms K. Potts, Finance Officer, Employment, Education and Training Division.