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The following documents were presented:

Copyright Agency Limited—Report for 2015-16.

Economics—House of Representatives Standing Committee—Review of the four major banks: First report—Government response, May 2017.

Foreign Investment Review Board—Report for 2015-16.

Health—House of Representatives Standing Committee—Skin cancer in Australia: Our national cancer—Government response, May 2017.

Migration Act 1958 —Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—Personal identifier 1000923-O, 1000924-O, 1000942-O, 1000990-O, 1001175-O, 1001383-O, 1001388-O, 1001391-O, 1001398-O, 1001581-O, 1001616-O, 1001628-O, 1001690-O, 1001991-O, 1002116-O, 1002242-O1, 1002286-O1, 1002288-O1, 1002406-O, 1002408-O, 1002425-O, 1002433-O, 1002441-O, 1002444-O, 1002560-O—

Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 9 of 2017.

Government response to Ombudsman’s reports.