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Mr Pyne (Leader of the House), by leave, moved—That Members be appointed as members of certain committees in accordance with the following schedule:




Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry

Mr Fitzgibbon, Ms M. L. Landry, Ms McGowan, Ms O’Neil, Mr Pasin, Ms Price, Mr Ramsey, Mr Tehan, Mr Wilson, Mr Zappia

Standing Committee on Appropriations and Administration

Mr Broadbent, Ms Claydon, Mr Coulton, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Mr O’Dowd, Ms Owens, Mr Ruddock

Standing Committee on Economics

Mr Buchholz, Mr Coleman Dr Chalmers, Mr Conroy, Dr Hendy, Mr Hogan, Mr Husic, Mr Kelly, Ms O’Dwyer, Mr Palmer

Standing Committee on Education and Employment

Mrs K. L. Andrews, Ms Ellis, Mr Hawke, Mr E. T. Jones, Ms MacTiernan, Mrs McNamara, Ms Owens, Ms Sudmalis, Mr Watts, Mr Williams

Standing Committee on the Environment

Mr Broad, Mr Butler, Mr Dreyfus, Mr Giles, Mr Hawke, Ms Marino, Mr Pasin, Mr Varvaris, Mr Wood, Mr Zappia

Standing Committee on Health

Ms L. M. Chesters, Ms Hall, Ms Henderson, Mr Irons, Mr Laming, Ms Parke, Ms Rishworth, Dr Southcott, Ms Sudmalis, Mr Wyatt

House Committee

Mr Broadbent, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Mr O’Dowd, Mr Ruddock, Ms Ryan

Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs

Mr Giles, Ms M. L. Landry, Mr Neumann, Mr Perrett, Ms Price, Mr Ramsey, Ms F. M. Scott, Mr Snowdon, Dr Stone, Mr van Manen

Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications

Mr Brough, Mr S. P. Jones, Ms Marino, Mr Palmer, Mr Pitt, Mrs Prentice, Ms Price, Ms Rowland, Mr Thistlethwaite, Mrs Wicks

Standing Committee on Petitions

Mrs K. L. Andrews, Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mr Byrne, Ms L. M. Chesters, Mrs Elliot, Ms Hall, Mr Hogan, Dr Jensen, Mrs Prentice

Committee of Privileges and Members’ Interests

Mr Alexander, Mr Broadbent, Ms A. E. Burke, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Giles, Mr Perrett, Mr Porter, Mr Pitt, Mr Randall, Mr Ruddock

Standing Committee on Procedure

Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mr Danby, Mr Goodenough, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Mr Randall

Publications Committee

Ms Claydon, Mr Coulton, Ms Henderson, Mr Hutchinson, Mr Howarth, Ms Rowland, Mr Watts

Selection Committee

Mr Buchholz, Mr Christensen, Mr Coulton, Mr Fitzgibbon, Ms Hall, Ms Marino, Mr Ruddock, Ms Ryan

Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs

Mr Christensen, Ms Claydon, Mr Dreyfus, Ms Macklin, Mrs Markus, Mr Pasin, Mr Perrett, Mr Porter, Dr Stone, Mr Sukkar

Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue

Mr Alexander, Dr Chalmers, Mr Goodenough, Mr S. P. Jones, Ms O’Neil, Mr van Manen, Mr Sukkar, Mr Taylor, Mr Watts, Mr Williams

Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

Mr Hayes, Mr Matheson, Mr Porter, Mr Wood, Mr Zappia

Joint Committee on the Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings

Ms Bird, Mr Coulton, Mr Griffin, Ms Henderson, Mr Tehan


Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services

Mr Coleman, Ms Owens, Mr Smith, Mr Sukkar, Mr Watts

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

Mr Ferguson, Dr Gillespie, Mr Laming, Ms Rowland, Mr Wyatt

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement

Mrs Elliot, Mr Matheson, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr van Manen, Mr Wood

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit

Ms Brodtmann, Ms L. M. Chesters, Mr Conroy, Mr C. A. Laundy, Mr Smith, Dr Southcott, Dr Stone, Mr Sukkar, Mr Taylor

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works

Mrs K. L. Andrews, Ms Claydon, Mr Goodenough, Mr Perrett, Ms Ryan, Dr Southcott

Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters

Mr Goodenough, Mr Gray, Mr Griffin, Mr Hawke, Mr Smith

Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Mr Champion, Mr Danby, Mr Feeney, Mr Ferguson, Ms Gambaro, Mr Griffin, Mr Hawke, Dr Jensen, Mr E. T. Jones, Mr Kelly, Mr Marles, Mr Nikolic, Ms Plibersek, Mr Randall, Mr Wyatt Roy, Mr Ruddock, Mr B. C. Scott, Mr Simpkins, Dr Stone, Ms Vamvakinou

Joint Standing Committee on Migration

Mr C. A. Laundy, Mr Kelly, Mrs Markus, Mr Thistlethwaite, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr Zappia

Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories

Ms Brodtmann, Mrs Griggs, Mr B. C. Scott, Mr Simpkins, Mr Snowdon, Mr Vasta

Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Mr Brough, Dr Gillespie, Ms Hall, Ms Macklin, Ms Rishworth, Mr Wyatt Roy

Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library

Mr Broadbent, Ms Brodtmann, Mr Danby, Ms Hall, Mr Irons, Mr Taylor, Mr Wilson

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Mr Broad, Dr Jensen, Ms Parke, Mrs Prentice, Mr Wyatt Roy, Dr Stone, Mr Thomson, Mr Watts, Mr Whiteley

Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Mr S. P. Jones, Mr Neumann, Mr Porter, Mr Wyatt

Question—put and passed.