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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 1 November 2012:

Financial Management and Accountability Act—Determination—Transfer of functions from NNTT to FEDCA—2012 No. 28 [F2012L02112].

Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act—


Air conditioners and heat pumps [F2012L02129].

Ballasts for fluorescent lamps [F2012L02133].

Close control air conditioners [F2012L02124].

Clothes washing machines [F2012L02117].

Digital television set-top boxes [F2012L02116].

Dishwashers [F2012L02119].

Double-capped fluorescent lamps [F2012L02127].

Electric water heaters [F2012L02125].

External power supplies [F2012L02120].

Household refrigerating appliances [F2012L02126].

Incandescent lamps for general lighting services [F2012L02122].

Liquid-chilling packages using the vapour compression cycle [F2012L02123].

Power transformers [F2012L02135].

Refrigerated display cabinets [F2012L02131].

Rotary clothes dryers [F2012L02121].

Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting services [F2012L02132].

Television [F2012L02115].

Three phase cage induction motor [F2012L02128].

Transformers and electronic step-down converters for ELV lamps [F2012L02130].

Instrument—2012 Registration fees [F2012L02134].

Health Insurance Act—Determinations under section 3C—2012—

Cleft lip and cleft palate services [F2012L02113].

Gippsland and south eastern New South Wales mobile MRI service and Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Gladstone MRI service [F2012L02118].

Lands Acquisition Act—Statement under section 125—October 2012.

Private Health Insurance Act—Rules—2012 Benefit requirements—Amendment (Nos 6, 7) [F2012L02111], [F2012L02114].