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Notice given 14 June 2012

1881  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health—With reference to correspondence sent from the department’s Ministerial Liaison and Support Section on 19 April 2012:

(1) Why did it take 2 months for the department to provide basic acknowledgement and advice that the matter would be passed to a different Minister.

(2) Has the Minister provided any guidance to the department on the timeframes within which the department is required to respond; if so, can a copy of the advice be provided.

(3) Given that the initial letter sought ‘urgent advice’, is it common for a basic response to take 2 months; if so, why; if not, why did it occur on this occasion.

(4) Does the Minister consider the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme to be an important issue requiring attention.

Senator Abetz: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1882-1883)—What percentage of carbon reduction is achieved per dollar of revenue collected under the Carbon Tax.

1882 Minister representing the Treasurer ( transferred to the Minister representing the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency on 19 June 2012)

1883 Minister representing the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

1884  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Special Minister of State ( transferred to the Minister for Finance and Deregulation on 20 June 2012) —With reference to the staff ballot for the Department of Finance and Deregulation Enterprise Agreement 2011-2014 and each of the following companies: (a) Australian Election Company; (b) WebCentral Pty Ltd; and (c) Ltd:

(1) What type of employee data was provided to each company.

(2) Where can the privacy policy of each company be found.

(3) Did the department ensure privacy provisions were a component in the contractual agreement with each company; if so, can details of the privacy provisions be provided; if not, why not.

(4) What steps were taken by each company to ensure the security of private information.

(5) What was the total cost of the ballot.

1885  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Prime Minister—With reference to question on notice no. 1518, which asked: What have been the precise dates of the Prime Minister’s: (a) weekly; and (b) ad hoc, meetings with the [former] Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Brown, since the signing of the ‘Labor-Greens agreement’, and given that Senate procedure requires answers to be directly relevant to the question, can the requested information be provided.