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Notice given 31 January 2012

1524  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship—With reference to the Pontville Immigration Detention Centre:

(1) How many ambulance visits have there been to the detention centre since it was opened.

(2) How many ambulance visits have been necessitated for the treatment of detainees.

(3) Who bears the cost of ambulance visits to the detention centre.

(4) For what types of medical emergency were the ambulances required.

(5) In regard to the reported hunger strike:

(a) how many detainees have been on a hunger strike at any one time;

(b) how many have required hospitalisation or on-site medical treatment as a result of a hunger strike;

(c) on what date did the first hunger strike take place and how many participated in that hunger strike; and

(d) what was the basis of the hunger strike.

(6) Given that it has been claimed that certain representations were made to detainees as to community detention and the processing of their applications, can the Minister confirm that no such representations were made by departmental officials or Serco staff; if so, what advice can be provided as to the source of misapprehensions under which the detainees suffered in relation to community detention and the expeditious processing of their applications.

(7) Are the detainees taken on day trips; if so:

(a) how many day trips have been undertaken; and

(b) can a list be provided detailing those day trips, including:

(i) the location, for example, visits to the zoo or cinema, and

(ii) the associated costs.