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Notice given 9 May 2007

*3194  Senator Bartlett: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—

(1) Have any flyovers and/or bombing runs been conducted over the Northern Territory by planes taking off from the United States of America base in Guam; if so, how many.

(2) Of the bombs that have been dropped over the Northern Territory: (a) are any of the bombs ‘bunker busting’ bombs; and (b) is tungsten or uranium a component of the bombs.

(3) Are cluster bombs a part of the Australian Defence Force inventory.

*3195  Senator Bartlett: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—(a) What is the total number of Australian Defence Force personnel who have been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001; and (b) of these personnel, how many have been discharged as a result of physical and/or psychological conditions.

*3196  Senator Milne: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to the upgrade of the southern Tasmanian Esperance Coast road, funded under Auslink’s Strategic Regional Programme:

(1) Why have works commenced on the upgrade of the road even though the development has not undergone standard statutory local planning assessment procedures.

(2) Why did works start on the upgrade of the road in March 2007 even though the high-level implementation timeline for the project, as outlined in the council’s application for funding under AusLink, stated that works were not to commence until November/December 2007.

(3) Was there a signed contract between Huon Valley Council and AusLink when the works began on the upgrade of the road.

(4) How was Huon Valley Council able to obtain AusLink funding for the upgrade without council approval of a development application to construct the road.

(5) Why was the tendering process required by AusLink limited to tenders by local contractors.

(6) Given that the upgrade of the road includes the replacement of a bridge, which bridge is to be replaced.

(7) What exemptions under Auslink guidelines, if any, were sought by Huon Valley Council for the funding of the upgrade of the road.

(8) What is the link between the AusLink funded upgrade of the road and the Huon Valley Council’s intention to build a new road around the Dover foreshore to bypass the Kent Road bridge.

(9) Which local roads in the Dover township have been allocated Auslink funding in order to bring it to a standard suitable to act as an access road for the Esperance Coast Road when the upgrade is completed.

(10) Why have upgrade works started on Crown land - Coastal reserve areas and in areas of vulnerable coastal margin without any impact statements, or a roadworks program governed by the Commonwealth Coastal Policy.


 (11) What studies were undertaken, when and by whom, to warrant the upgrade of the road being approved by AusLink.

(12) What evidence is available that demonstrates that the project does not contravene the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 .

(13) (a) Is the Minister aware that areas of swift parrot habitat, a species listed in the Act, adjacent to the upgrade of the road have been removed without any formal impact assessment; and (b) what course of action will be taken to deal with the removal of areas of this habitat.

(14) Which authority is responsible for managing the Esperance Coast Road works on the upgrade of the road in regard to threatened species habitat, vegetation removal, infilling of natural gullies and encroachment of adjacent tidal zone.