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Notice given 27 November 2002

968  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—

(1) In each of the past 12 months how many payments have been made to specialist doctors for treatment provided under the Repatriation Private Patient Scheme (RPPS) to: (a) Gold Card holders; and (b) White Card holders.

(2) Can the following information be provided: (a) the total monthly figure for services to Gold Card and White Card holders divided according to the specialty of the doctors; and (b) the number of doctors in each specialty who received payments.

(3) For each of those doctors who have received payments under the RPPS in the past 12 months, how many payments were received each month.

(3) For each of the past 12 months: (a) how many doctors in each specialty and how many specialists in total have received payment for services provided under the RPPS; and (b) how many payments have been received in total by specialty.

971  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—In relation to the stranding of nine sperm whales near Waterhouse Point, in Tasmania:

(1) Who is undertaking seismic surveys in the Otway Basin off western Victoria and South Australia.

(2) Did the company or companies involved submit an environmental impact statement (EIS) in order to carry out this work.

(3) Did the company or companies have to submit any other environmental studies to comply with Commonwealth legislation in order to carry out this seismic survey; if so: (a) what legislation was applicable; and (b) can copies of those studies be provided.

(4) Was Environment Australia (EA) notified that this survey work was to be carried out.

(5) Did EA insist on any EIS.

(6) Was EA or the Minister aware that the seismic survey would use signals up to 240dB.

(7) Is the Minister aware of the preliminary injunction issued in a San Francisco Court against the United States Navy over the deployment of low frequency active sonar.