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Notice given 16 October 2002

801  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—

(1) How many house insurance policies has Defence Service Homes (DSH) held, by state, in each of the past 5 years.

(2) For each state: (a) how many claims have been: (i) received, and (ii) paid, in each of the past 5 years; and (b) what was their range and average value.

(3) Of the claims rejected, what were the reasons for rejection in each case.

(4) In how many cases has the advice of the claims assessor been rejected.

(5) In how many cases have alternative and additional assessments been made of individual claims.

(6) What appeal or review mechanism exists for rejected claimants.

(7) For each state: (a) how many cases of fraud have been investigated in each of the past 5 years; and (b) how many prosecutions have been pursued.

(8) (a) How are claims assessors engaged; and (b) what qualifications are required.

(9) For each state, how many claims assessors are currently used.

(10) For each state, how many assessments have been conducted by departmental staff in each of the past 5 years.

(11) If departmental claims assessments have been made, what qualifications are required of the assessors.

(12) What percentage return does the DSH profit represent on total insured value in each of the past 5 years.

(13) What benchmarking is undertaken with private sector insurance with respect to costs and margins.

(14) Has consideration ever been given to the outsourcing of the DSH insurance function; if so: (a) when; and (b) why was it not pursued.

(15) (a) How many: (i) staff, and (ii) contractors, are currently engaged by DSH on house insurance; and (b) what are the current estimated overheads for that function for the 2001-02 financial years.

(16) Has there been any fraud investigation into the activity and conduct of DSH staff members in the Brisbane office of the department; if so: (a) what were the findings; and (b) what action has been taken.

803  Senator Crossin: To ask the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Status of Women—With reference to the Partnerships Against Domestic Violence (PADV) Program:

(1) Is Dr Tricia Szirom involved with the two companies known as Success Works and Strategic Partners, as an owner, director or employee.

(2) What is Dr Tricia Szirom’s relationship to these companies.

(3) What is the connection between these two companies.

(4) Is Success Works a subsidiary of Strategic Partners.

(5) (a) Is the Minister aware that, during Senate estimates hearings in June 2002, Ms Bentley advised the Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee that the Success Works company was the appointed evaluator of the meta-evaluation of the PADV; and (b) can the Minister confirm whether this is the case or whether Strategic Partners is contracted to do the meta-evaluation rather than Success Works.

(6) What amount has been budgeted for and paid to Dr Tricia Szirom as a consultant.

(7) What amount has been budgeted for and paid to Strategic Partners from the PADV.

(8) What amount has been budgeted for and paid to Success Works from the PADV.

(9) Was Dr Tricia Szirom paid as a facilitator or for a consultancy for the PADV conference in Perth in December 2001.

(10) What was the total amount paid to Dr Szirom for her work at the conference in Perth in December 2001.

(11) Was Dr Szirom paid $2 500 per day plus expenses during this conference.

(12) Has Dr Szirom been contracted by the Office of the Status of Women (OSW) to undertake capacity building workshops nationally.

(13) What amount has been budgeted for and paid to Dr Szirom for the capacity building workshops.

(14) What amount has been budgeted for and paid to Dr Szirom through Strategic Partners for the meta-evaluation.

(15) (a) Has Success Works gained the tender to be the ‘Project Manager’ of the ‘PADV Children’s Projects’; and (b) what is the total amount of this tender.

(16) How is Strategic Partners (the meta-evaluator of the PADV) going to evaluate the work of Success Works (the project manager of the PADV Children’s Projects) when both companies have close links with each other.

(17) Who are the directors and stakeholders of Success Works and Strategic Partners, respectively.

(18) Has Dr Szirom been contracted in the 2002-03 financial year for PADV 2 rather than PADV 1.

(19) Regarding the PADV children’s projects, have organisations or businesses that lodged a tender been informed either by phone or in writing that they were unsuccessful; if so, on what date was this done.

(20) Who has been awarded the tender for the children’s projects.

(21) Who has been awarded the tender for the perpetrators’ projects.

(22) Who has been awarded the tender for the project management of the women’s services projects.

(23) Given that under PADV 1 a major project was the Community Awareness Project, can the Minister provide a summary of the implementation of this project.

(24) (a) Following the development of the National Domestic Violence Competency Standards, who won the tender to develop the curriculum development for these standards; and (b) given that these competencies need to be delivered in an appropriate way, why are they available on the Australian National Training Authority’s web site for any registered training organisation to take and deliver.

(25) How many PADV publications have been produced by OSW since the project was first funded.

(26) What is the total cost of these publications.