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Notice given 21 August 2002

572  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—With reference to Australia’s Third National Communication on Climate Change, 2002 :

(1) Which ‘known projects’ are included in the projections for stationary energy sector emissions.

(2) What other ‘significant energy intensive major projects’ are projected or planned which have the potential to increase the projection.

(3) (a) What proportion of electricity generation is generated from gas at present; and (b) what factors will influence the assumed 13 per cent contribution of gas by 2010.

(4) (a) What effect will Basslink have on greenhouse gas emissions; and (b) will it have the effect of increasing brown coal emissions and reducing gas generation.

(5) (a) How much hydro-electricity was generated in 1990; (b) how does this compare with the baseline amount used for the mandatory renewable energy targets (MRET); and (c) how does this affect the projected savings under MRET in 2010.

(6) What measures will the Minister take to reform the energy market so it does not favour brown coal for electricity generation.

573  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—When will the Federal Government facilitate the removal of the $21 to $27 fee charged for bicycles to travel on the Bass Strait ferries.

574  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—

(1) How many Australian Customs Service vessels are currently deployed in: (a) Townsville; (b) Cairns; (c) Darwin; and (d) Broome.

(2) What is each vessel’s size, displacement and crew number.

(3) What are the official stated tasks of these vessels and crews.

(4) Are the crews of these vessels required to perform any duties or tasks normally performed by any other Commonwealth or state departments and agencies; if so: (a) how is the Commonwealth reimbursed for these ‘other duties’; and (b) can the memoranda of understanding outlining these agreements be provided.