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Notice given 26 June 2001

3648  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—With reference to the answer to question on notice no. 3572 (Senate Hansard , 20 June 2001, p. 24697):

(1) When was the Minister invited to the Chevron Gas Pipeline Project at Moro in Papua New Guinea and by whom.

(2) (a) What was the purpose of the visit; and (b) how was this relevant to the Minister’s responsibilities as Minister for the Environment and Heritage.

(3) Who from the Minister’s office, Environment Australia or any other Government agency participated in the trip.

(4) What was the cost of the trip.

(5) What was the nature and purpose of the briefing by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) at Moro camp.

(6) Was the Minister briefed on the Kikori Pacific Limited (KPL) ‘eco-forestry’ project.

(7) Did the Minister visit the KPL mill in Kikori.

(8) Did WWF indicate that it would be seeking funding from the Australian Government, through AusAid, to match the financial support provided by Chevron for its work in the area.

(9) What was the purpose of the flight over the Lake Kutubu area.

(10) Who paid for, and participated in, the flight over the Lake Kutubu area.

(11) Does the Government consider the logging of mangroves to supply the KPL mill in Kikori appropriate; if so, why; if not, why not.

(12) Has WWF communicated with the Minister, his staff or Environment Australia about the KPL operations subsequent to media reports of the concerns over mangrove logging; if so, when and what was the general nature of the communication.

(13) Did the Minister visit other project sites while in Papua New Guinea at that time; if so, where else did he visit during the trip.

(14) What and when was the response from WWF.