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Notice given 2 August 2001

3789  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs—

(1) (a) What formula is used in determining funding, under the Australian Student Traineeship Foundation, for schools; and (b) why is it that schools in Wodonga receive less per capita than those in other schools, for instance, Wangaratta.

(2) (a) What federal assistance is available for secondary students in rural areas to access study skills, revision and other tertiary preparation courses; (b) is the Government aware that such courses conducted by universities for students in rural areas are shorter and less comprehensive than those offered to city-based students; and (c) how does the Government propose to address this inequitable situation.

(3) (a) Is there a 20 per cent disparity in wages between teachers in New South Wales and Victoria, and is this causing severe shortages of teachers in Victoria, particularly in areas close to the state border; and (b) has the Federal Government raised this issue with the state governments; if so, what were the outcomes of such discussions.

(4) (a) Is it extremely difficult for rural schools to recruit technology teachers; (b) what measures has the Federal Government adopted to overcome this shortage; and (c) when can schools expect to have access to an adequate supply of technology teachers.