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22 August 2011

548  MR ROBERT: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1)  Is the Australian Submarine Rescue Vehicle REMORA currently operational; if so, at what capacity; if not, (a) when was it last operational, and at what capacity, and (b) how long would it take to restore it to full capacity, what would such restoration involve, and at what cost.

(2) When REMORA was last operational, how many hours did it take for it to reach ‘readiness’ (ie, full capability).

(3) What is the maximum certified depth that REMORA can operate at, and is REMORA currently certified to operate at that depth; if not, at what maximum certified depth can REMORA currently operate.

(4) What is the maximum number of rescued submariners REMORA is certified to hold and/or transport at any given time.

(5) Who owns REMORA and all of its associated support equipment.

(6) What sum does it cost to maintain REMORA in a fully operational state and inclusive of the costs of maintenance, real estate, personnel and running.

(7)  When does the current contract for the provision of submarine escape and rescue services expire.

(8) Is Defence aware of any other companies (a) within Australia, and (b) overseas, that can provide a similar service to that provided by the current contractor; if so, what are the names of these companies.

549  MR ROBERT: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1)  When were the (a) request for tender documentation, and (b) tender of the successful tenderer, for the Defence Export Control Office (DECO) replacement IT system released.

(2) Which company was awarded the DECO IT system replacement contract.

(3) When did the DECO begin the transition to the use of the new IT system, and when will the new system be fully operational.

(4) What is the per annum cost of (a) delivering, and (b) running, the DECO replacement IT system.

(5) On what grounds did Defence decide to replace the DECO IT system and what capabilities will the new system offer over the existing system.

(6) Will the new DECO IT system meet all of the requirements that are to be contained within the Defence Trade Controls Bill 2011 .