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9 February 2011

177  MR FLETCHER: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Finance and Deregulation—In respect of the Advisory Group on Reform of Australian Government Administration’s report Ahead of the game: Blueprint for the reform of Australian Government administration (March 2010, page 44), has recommendation 3.3 ‘Improve policy implementation’ been implemented; if so, what measures have been taken in this area to prevent a repeat of the policy implementation problems experienced with the Home Insulation Program, the Green Loans Program and the Building the Education Revolution program.

181  MR FLETCHER: To ask the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency—In respect of the Home Insulation and Green Loans programs, has an analysis and/or modelling been undertaken by or on behalf of the Government to examine the extent to which these programs (a) would reduce, or (b) have reduced, Australia’s carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas emissions; if so, when and by whom, and will he provide a summary of the findings.