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10 February 1999

404  MR K. J. THOMSON: To ask the Minister for Health and Aged Care—

(1) What sum has the Government spent on the private health rebate advertising prog ram.

(2) Will he provide copies of all advertising used to promote the private health rebate.

(3) Will private health cover become 30 percent cheaper for all Australians as claimed in the advertising.

(4) What guidelines has he provided to private health companies about the advertising of the private health rebate.

(5) Has the Government informed recipients of the Private Health Insurance Incentive Scheme that they will not receive the full private health rebate.

(6) What sum will a pensioner couple receive in rebate if their private health insurance premium was $254.85 a quarter before 1 January 1999.

(7) What actual percentage rebate is a pensioner couple receiving if they were paying $254.85 a quarter for private health insurance before 1 January 1999 and, after receiving the private health rebate, are now paying $192.95.