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Unless otherwise shown, appointed for life of 39th Parliament


Pursuant to standing o rders

ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER AFFAIRS: Mr Lieberman ( Chair ), Mrs Draper, Mr Haase, Ms Hoare, Mr Katter, Mr Lloyd, Mr Melham, Mr Quick, Mr Snowdon, Mr Wakelin.

COMMUNICATIONS, TRANSPORT AND THE ARTS: Mr Neville ( Chair ), Mr Gibbons, Mr Hardgrave, Mr Hollis, Mr Jull, Mr Lindsay, Mr McArthur, Mr Mossfield, Mr Murphy, Mr St Clair.

Current inquiry:

Managing fatigue in transport.

ECONOMICS, FINANCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Mr Hawker ( Chair ), Mr Albanese, Ms Burke, Ms Gambaro, Mrs Hull, Mr Latham, Mr Pyne, Mr Somlyay, Dr Southcott.

Current inquiries:

ANAO audit report No. 37 1998-99 on the management of Tax File Numbers.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s supervision and prudential regulation of those areas of the financial services sector for which it is responsible.

International financial market effects on government policy.

EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION AND WORKPLACE RELATIONS: Dr Nelson ( Chair ), Mr Barresi, Mr Bartlett, Mrs Elson, Mr Emerson, Ms Gambaro, Ms Gillard, Mrs May, Mr Sawford, Mr Wilkie.

Current inquiries:

Education of boys.

Employee share ownership in Australian enter prises.

Issues specific to older workers seeking employment, or establishing a business, following unemployment.

ENVIRONMENT AND HERITAGE: Mr Causley ( Chair ), Mr Barresi, Mr Bartlett, Mr Billson, Mr Byrne, Mrs Gallus, Ms Gerick, Mr Jenkins, Dr Lawrence, Mrs D. S. Vale.

Current inquiries:

Catchment management.

Public good conservation - the impact of conservation measures imposed on landholders.

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: Mr Wakelin ( Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Edwards, Ms Ellis, Mrs Gash Ms Hall, Mrs D. M. Kelly, Dr Nelson, Mr Quick, Mr Schultz. (Mr Jenkins and Mr Nugent to serve as supplementary members for the purpose of the inquiry into indigenous health and Ms J. I. Bishop and Mrs Irwin to serve as supplementary members for the purpose of the inquiry into drugs.)

Current inquiry:

Social and economic costs of substance abuse.

HOUSE: The Speaker, Mr Charles, Mr Hollis, Mr McLeay, Mr Nehl, Mr Sawford, Mr Somlyay.

INDUSTRY, SCIENCE AND RESOURCES: Mr Prosser ( Chair ), Mr Hatton, Mr Lloyd, Mr I. E. Macfarlane, Mr Morris, Mr Nairn, Ms Roxon, Mr C. P. Thompson, Dr Washer, Mr Zahra.

Current inquiry:

Adding value to Australian raw materials.

LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL AFFAIRS: Mr K. J. Andrews ( Chair ), Mr Billson, Ms J. I. Bishop, Mr Cadman, Mr Kerr, Ms Livermore, Mr Murphy, Ms Roxon, Mr St Clair, Mrs D. S. Vale.

Current inquiries:

Enforcement of copyright.

Scientific, ethical and regulatory aspects of human cloning.

LIBRARY: The Speaker, Mr Adams, Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, Ms Hoare, Mr Lawler, Mr I. E. Macfarlane, Dr Washer.

MEMBERS’ INTERESTS: Mr Somlyay ( Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mrs Crosio, Mr Jenkins, Mr Neville, Mr Nugent, Mr O’Keefe.

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES AND REGIONAL SERVICES: Fran Bailey ( Chair ), Mr Adams, Mr Andren, Mr Horne, Mr Katter, Mr Lawler, Mr I. E. Macfarlane, Mr McLeay, Mr Nairn, Mr Secker, Mr Sidebottom, Mr C. P. Thompson.

PRIVILEGES: Mr Somlyay ( Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Danby, Mr Jull, Mr McClelland (nominee of the Deputy Leader of the Opposition), Mr McLeay, Mrs May, Mr Neville, Mr Sawford, Mr Sercombe, Dr Southcott (nominee of the Leader of the House).

Current inquiry:

The status of records held by Members of the House of Representatives.

PROCEDURE: Mr Pyne ( Chair ), Mr Cameron, Mr M. J. Ferguson, Mr Forrest, Mrs Gash, Ms Gerick, Mr Price.

Current in quiry:

Review of the Main Committee.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr Lieberman ( Chair ), Mr Hardgrave, Mrs Hull, Mr Lloyd, Ms J. S. McFarlane, Mr Rudd, Mr Sidebottom.

SELECTION: Mr Nehl ( Chair ), Mrs Elson, Mr Forrest, Mrs Gash, Mr Hollis, Mr McArthur, Mr McLeay, Mr Neville, Mr Ronaldson, Mr Sawford, Mr Sercombe.

Joint Statutory

AUSTRALIAN SECURITY INTELLIGENCE ORGANIZATION: Mr Jull ( Presiding Member ), Mr Forrest, Mr McArthur, Mr McLeay, Senator Calvert, Senator S. Macdonald, Senator Ray.

Current inquiry:

Nature, scope and appropriateness of ASIO reporting to Australian public.

BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS: The Speaker, The President, Mr Adams, Mr Forrest, Mrs Gash, Mr Lindsay, Mr Morris, Senator Knowles, Senator West.

CORPORATIONS AND SECURITIES: Ms J. I. Bishop, Mr Cameron, Mr Rudd, Mr Sercombe, Dr Southcott, Senator Chapman, Senator Conroy, Senator Cooney, Senator Gibson, Senator Murray.

NATIONAL CRIME AUTHORITY: Mr Nugent ( Chair ), Mr Edwards, Mr Hardgrave, Mr Kerr, Mr Somlyay, Senator George Campbell, Senator Denman, Senator Ferris, Senator Greig, Senator McGauran.

Current inquiry:

Witness protection.

NATIVE TITLE AND THE ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER LAND FUND: Senator Ferris ( Chair ), Mr Causley, Mr Haase, Mr Melham, Mr Secker, Mr Snowdon, Senator Abetz, Senator Crossin, Senator McLucas, Senator Woodley.

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: Mr Charles ( Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Cox, Mr Georgiou, Ms Gillard, Mr Lindsay, Mr St Clair, Mr Somlyay, Mr Tanner, Mr K. J. Thomson, Senator Coonan, Senator Faulkner, Senator Gibson, Senator Hogg, Senator Murray, Senator Watson.

Current inquiries:

Community Education and Information Programme.

Contract management in the Australian Public Service.

PUBLIC WORKS: Mrs Moylan ( Chair ), Mrs Crosio, Mr Forrest, Mr Hollis, Mr Lindsay, Mr Ripoll, Senator Calvert, Senator Ferguson, Senator Murphy.

Current inquiry:

Darwin—Development of 90 apartments.

Joint Standing

ELECTORAL MATTERS ( Formed 7 December 1998 ): Mr Nairn ( Chair ), Mr Danby, Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, Mr Forrest, Mr Somlyay, Senator Bartlett, Senator Boswell, Senator Faulkner, Senator Mason, Senator Murray.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DEFENCE AND TRADE ( Formed 7 December 1998 ): Senator Ferguson, ( Chair ), Fran Bailey, Mr Baird, Mr Brereton, Mrs Crosio, Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, Mr Hawker, Mr Hollis, Mr Jull, Mrs D. M. Kelly, Mr Lieberman, Mr Martin, Mrs Moylan, Mr Nugent, Mr O’Keefe, Mr Price, Mr Prosser, Mr Pyne, Mr Snowdon, Dr Southcott, Mr A. P. Thomson, Senator Bourne, Senator Calvert, Senator Chapman, Senator Cook, Senator Gibbs, Senator Harradine, Senator S. Macdonald, Senator O’Brien, Senator Payne, Senator Quirke, Senator Schacht.

Current inquiries:

Australia’s efforts to promote and protect freedom of religion and belief.

Australia's relations with the Middle East.

Australia’s relations with the United Nations.

Australia’s trade and investment r elationship with South America.

Suitability of the Australian Army for peacetime, peacekeeping and war.

MIGRATION ( Formed 7 December 1998 ): Mrs Gallus ( Chair ), Mr Adams, Mr Baird, Mrs Irwin, Mrs May, Mr Ripoll, Senator Bartlett, Senator Eggleston, Senator McKiernan, Senator Tierney.

Current inquiry:

Provisions of the Migration Legislation Amendment Bill (No 2) 2000. ( To report by 8 June 2000 ).

Review of State-specific migration mechanisms.

NATIONAL CAPITAL AND EXTERNAL TERRITORIES ( Formed 7 December 1998 ): Senator Lightfoot ( Chair ), Mr Cameron, Ms Ellis, Mr Nehl, Mr Neville, Mr Snowdon, Mr Somlyay, Senator Crossin, Senator Greig, Senator Lundy Senator Watson.

Current inquiry:

Provision of health services on Norfolk Island.

TREATIES ( Formed 7 December 1998 ): Mr A. P. Thomson ( Chair ), Mr Adams, Mr Baird, Mr Bartlett, Mr Byrne, Mrs Elson, Mr Hardgrave, Mrs D. M. Kelly, Mr Wilkie, Senator Bartlett, Senator Coonan, Senator Cooney, Senator Ludwig, Senator Mason, Senator Schacht, Senator Tchen.

Joint Select

REPUBLIC REFERENDUM ( Formed 31 May 1999 ): Mr Adams, Mr Baird, Ms J. I. Bishop, Mr Charles, Mr Causley, Mr Danby, Ms Hall, Mr Hawker, Mr McClelland, Mr Price, Mr Pyne, Ms Roxon, Senator Abetz, Senator Bolkus, Senator Boswell, Senator Payne, Senator Schacht, Senator Stott Despoja. ( Report brought up 9 August 1999; Committee dissolved. )

RETAILING SECTOR ( Formed 10 December 1998 ): Mr Baird ( Chair ), Mrs Elson, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Jenkins, Mr Nairn, Senator Boswell, Senator Ferris, Senator Forshaw, Senator Murray, Senator Schacht. ( Report brought up 30 August 1999; Committee dissolved. )