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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk.]

 Acts Interpretation Act—Statement pursuant to subsection 34C(7) relating to the delay in presentation of a report—Northern Land Council—Report for 2011-12.

 Australian Communications and Media Authority Act—Australian Communications and Media Authority (Spectrum Licence Allocation - Combinatorial Clock Auction - Eligibility Deadline and Payment Terms) Direction 2013 [F2013L00499].

 Australian Research Council Act—Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2014 [F2013L00514].

 Aviation Transport Security Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2012 No. 304—Aviation Transport Security Amendment Regulation 2012 (No. 6) [F2012L002424]—Explanatory statement [in substitution for explanatory statement tabled with instrument on 5 February 2013].

 Broadcasting Services Act—Variations to Licence Areas Plans—

  Adelaide Radio - No. 1 of 2013 [F2013L00498].

  Broken Hill Radio - No. 1 of 2013 [F2013L00489].

  Ipswich Radio - No. 1 of 2013 [F2013L00509].

  Wagga Wagga Radio - No. 1 of 2013 [F2013L00506].

 Civil Aviation Act—Civil Aviation Regulations—Instruments Nos CASA—

  31/13—Instructions - RNP as primary means of navigation for NDB, VOR or DME overlay approaches (Skytraders A319 aircraft) [F2013L00518].

  33/13—Authorisation of persons to carry out maintenance on certain amateur-built, kit-built and light sport aircraft with a special certificate of airworthiness; Appointment of authorised persons to issue maintenance releases for certain amateur-built, kit-built and light sport aircraft with a special certificate of airworthiness [F2013L00495].

 Customs Act—Customs By-Law Amendment Notice (No. 1) 2013—Customs By-Law No. 1304168 [F2013L00504].

 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Amendments of lists of exempt native specimens—

  EPBC303DC/SFS/2013/15 [F2013L00491].

  EPBC303DC/SFS/2013/16 [F2013L00492].

  EPBC303DC/SFS/2013/18 [F2013L00493].

  EPBC303DC/SFS/2013/19 [F2013L00494].

 Export Control Act—Export Control (Orders) Regulations—

  Export Control (Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products) Amendment Order 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L00502].

  Export Control (Wild Game Meat and Wild Game Meat Products) Amendment Order 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L00501].

 Financial Management and Accountability Act—Notice under section 39A—NBN Co Limited.

 Higher Education Support Act—VET Provider Approval No. 10 of 2013—Australian Vocational Learning Institute Pty. Ltd. [F2013L00515].

 Income Tax Assessment Act 1997—

  Location Offset Rules 2008 (Amendment No. 1 of 2012) [F2013L00510].

  PDV Offset Rules 2008 (Amendment No. 1 of 2012) [F2013L00516].

 Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2013 No. 34—Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Amendment Regulation 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L00500].

 Migration Act—

  Migration Regulations—Instruments IMMI—

   13/001—Post office box, courier address and facsimile number [F2013L00503].

   13/002—Specification of addresses [F2013L00505].

   13/004—Class of persons [F2013L00512].

   13/008—Visitor visa applications from citizens of the People's Republic of China [F2013L00513].

   13/007—Travel agents for PRC citizens applying for visitor visas [F2013L00511].

   13/010—Class of persons [F2013L00508].

   13/035—Instrument of revocation [F2013L00507].

  Select Legislative Instrument 2013 No. 33—Migration Legislation Amendment Regulation 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L00490].

 Private Health Insurance Act—

  Private Health Insurance (Benefit Requirements) Amendment Rules 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L00497].

  Private Health Insurance (Complying Product) Amendment Rules 2013 (No. 1) [F2013L00496].

 Telecommunications (Carrier Licence Charges) Act—Determination under paragraph 15(1)(d) No. 1 of 2013 [F2013L00517].