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Wednesday, 2 March 2016
Page: 1646

The Senate divided. [16:32]

(The President—Senator Parry)

DIVISION:NOES 29 (1 majority) AYES 28 PAIRS 5
Brown, CLBullock, JW
Cameron, DNCarr, KJ
Collins, JMADastyari, S
Di Natale, RGallagher, KR
Hanson-Young, SCKetter, CR
Lines, SLudlam, S
Ludwig, JWMarshall, GM
McAllister, JMcEwen, A (teller)
McKim, NJMcLucas, J
O'Neill, DMPeris, N
Rhiannon, LRice, J
Siewert, RSimms, RA
Singh, LMUrquhart, AE
Waters, LJWhish-Wilson, PS
Abetz, EBack, CJ
Bernardi, CBirmingham, SJ
Bushby, DC (teller)Canavan, MJ
Cash, MCColbeck, R
Day, RJEdwards, S
Fawcett, DJFierravanti-Wells, C
Fifield, MPHeffernan, W
Johnston, DLazarus, GP
Lindgren, JMMacdonald, ID
McGrath, JMcKenzie, B
Nash, FO'Sullivan, B
Parry, SPayne, MA
Reynolds, LRyan, SM
Seselja, ZSmith, D
Williams, JR
Bilyk, CLCormann, M
Gallacher, AMSinodinos, A
Polley, HBrandis, GH
Sterle, GScullion, NG
Wong, PRuston,

Senator Conroy did not vote, to compensate for the vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator Ronaldson

Question negatived.