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Wednesday, 2 March 2016
Page: 1619

The PRESIDENT (15:03): First of all, I advised the Clerk very shortly after the estimates hearings that I would like that matter listed on the agenda for the next meeting of the appropriations and staffing committee, which is the appropriate body to deliberate on that. Equally, as you would recall in the estimates hearing, you asked if it would be a matter to come before the Senate. I said, no; I believed it was for the appropriations and staffing committee meeting, and that if that committee decided that it was a matter for the Senate then that committee could make that decision.

In relation to not undertaking any travel: if I am correct in what you are saying, that is a matter for me to decide, at whatever point I wish to go, through the current process. I have made sure that the current process, in light of that estimates hearing, will be maintained until such time as the appropriations and staffing committee are more fully briefed on the proposals that I have.