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Monday, 19 September 2011
Page: 6375

The PRESIDENT (15:02): Last week, Senator Bob Brown asked me a question without notice about energy saving measures at Parliament House. With the concurrence of the Senate, I shall incorporate the answer in Hansard.

The answer read as follows—




Answer to Senator Bob Brown's Question without Notice to the President of the Senate on 15 September 2011 concerning energy use reduction targets for Parliament House.

Energy reduction targets for Parliament House

(1) A series of actions are being planned which will reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas production. These include:

(a)   Campaign to educate and change the behaviour of building occupants.

(b)   Completion of existing capital works projects including:

(i)   improved energy metering;

(ii)   upgrade of some internal and external lighting;

(iii) replacement of aging chillers; and

(iv)   continued virtualisation of computer servers.

(v)   Planning for the introduction of a trigeneration plant to provide baseload electricity for Parliament House.

(2) In total, these measures will reduce greenhouse gas production by well over 10% from 2010-11 levels. Final savings in energy consumption are still being assessed.

(3) I can further advise:

(i)   Over the life of the building energy consumption has already reduced by 58%.

(ii)   Reductions in energy cost are less easy to predict. We have just entered into contract with reduced tariffs for 2011/12, but tariffs are expected to increase in future years.

(iii) The current small solar energy trial may provide useful lessons for further future savings.


President of the Senate

19 SEP 2011