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Wednesday, 16 March 2016
Page: 2177

The PRESIDENT (17:57): I inform the Senate that at 8:30 am today Senators Moore and Siewert each submitted a letter in accordance with standing order 75, proposing a matter of public importance. The question of which proposal would be submitted to the Senate was determined by lot, and again Senator Moore is having a lucky week and won the lot. As a result, I will read out her letter:

Pursuant to standing order 75, I propose that the following matter of public importance be submitted to the Senate for discussion:

Prime Minister Turnbull's failure to take action consistent with his words on climate change.

Is the proposal supported?

More than the number of senators required by the standing orders having risen in their places—

The PRESIDENT: I understand that informal arrangements have been made to allocate specific times to each of the speakers in today’s debate. With the concurrence of the Senate, I shall ask the clerks to set the clock accordingly.