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Wednesday, 16 March 2016
Page: 2176

The Senate divided. [17:53]

(The President—Senator Parry)

DIVISION:NOES 42 (30 majority) AYES 12 PAIRS 0
Di Natale, RHanson-Young, SC
Leyonhjelm, DELudlam, S
Muir, RRhiannon, L
Rice, JSiewert, R (teller)
Simms, RAWaters, LJ
Whish-Wilson, PSXenophon, N
Back, CJBernardi, C
Bilyk, CLBirmingham, SJ
Bullock, JWBushby, DC (teller)
Cameron, DNCanavan, MJ
Carr, KJColbeck, R
Collins, JMAConroy, SM
Dastyari, SDay, RJ
Edwards, SFawcett, DJ
Gallacher, AMJohnston, D
Ketter, CRLazarus, GP
Lindgren, JMLines, S
Ludwig, JWMacdonald, ID
Marshall, GMMcGrath, J
McKenzie, BMcLucas, J
O'Neill, DMO'Sullivan, B
Parry, SPaterson, J
Payne, MAReynolds, L
Ruston, ARyan, SM
Scullion, NGSinodinos, A
Smith, DSterle, G
Wang, ZWilliams, JR