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Wednesday, 10 October 2012
Page: 7809

Senator XENOPHON (South Australia) (12:42): If I could rephrase the question in another way: under this legislation can the government elaborate whether with the 25 per cent whether there can be a grouping together in terms of what is being proposed and under the current antidumping regime? In other words, is it a question of those small and medium businesses being able to get together to be considered as an application? Secondly, let us assume you do get a group with 25 per cent of the market. Does that mean that they will get assistance in terms of advocacy? Also, the other issue relates to Tindo Solar, which probably has one per cent or less than one per cent of the Australian market or even well under one per cent given the way that there has been a shrinkage in the Australian manufacturing market share of solar panels. If the market has shrunk below 25 per cent as a result of dumping in the first place, where does that leave Australian manufacturers? Is it a bit of a catch 22 in terms of being able to access antidumping measures?