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Wednesday, 15 February 2017
Page: 1071

Senator McKIM (Tasmania) (19:48): I will just note that workplace injuries went up the last time the ABCC was in place, which really gives the lie to what the minister has said. Minister, I want to ask you some follow-up questions to information that I understand you placed on the record during this debate. I understand you have informed the Senate that currently 18 companies are code compliant. If that is not right I would appreciate you informing—you are saying that is not right? I will carry on, and you can correct me if you wish. If that is not right, perhaps you could say how many companies are currently code compliant. Once you have answered that, as follow-up questions could you take us through what modelling you or your agency did in relation to arriving at the nine-month period which this amendment bill seeks to create, and what your modelling is in regard to how many companies will be code compliant, particularly in the context of companies which are tendering for government construction projects. Can you assure the Senate that there will be no delay to any single government construction project as a result of this legislation?