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Tuesday, 7 February 2017
Page: 12

Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) (13:16): As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, I want to comment on Senator Di Natale's motion. But first, I want to echo Senator Canavan's comments, because it is our duty to work for the people of our state and our country. I want to compliment Senator Canavan for having the courage to reverse Liberal Party policy with regard to the use of coal. That policy shows that the climate change fraud is unravelling. In the United States, we see whistleblowers now coming out and proclaiming that the very material that the ALP and the Greens are basing their campaigns on is shown to be completely corrupt. Donald Trump, as President of the United States, is reinserting freedom into his country. We welcome whistleblowers, and we welcome his challenge to the political class that continues to ignore the people. We have seen it in the presidential elections in America, we have seen it in Britain's exit from the EU and we have seen it in our own changes in this country. The political class is ignoring the people, and Senator Di Natale is continuing to show his arrogance to the people of this country.

The President of the United States was elected by the people in accordance with the constitution of the United States—the world's largest democracy. In his oath of office, he said that his No. 1 duty is to uphold the constitution of that democracy—that great democracy, that wonderful democracy and that birthplace of freedom. The Greens have a tragic history of destroying and undermining our Constitution. The Constitution is our senior governing document. Are the Greens afraid of freedom or are they arrogant? Are they afraid of the people or arrogant towards the people?

A poll recently showed that the number of people in Australia supporting a ban on Islamic immigration is close to half the population. A poll last year by a left-leaning organisation showed that 34 per cent of Greens voters support a ban on Islamic immigration. What was the Greens' response to that? They said, 'We haven't done enough to educate them.' They did not say, 'We better go out and listen.' They said, 'We haven't done enough talking.' Instead of speaking to sell, the Greens need to listen to learn. I will say it again: instead of speaking to sell, the Greens need to listen to learn. They talk about a President being unhinged. Well, he has acted faster than any President in recent history. He has done what he has promised, and he has fulfilled his promises. He even started before he was inaugurated. He is now working at the speed of business instead of working at the speed of the political class. That, according to the Greens, is unhinged. Maybe the Greens cannot accept a politician keeping his promises?

As I see it, the President of the United States has three fundamental duties: to protect life, to protect property and to protect freedom. There is nothing more fundamental, and Donald Trump as President of the United States is serving notice on the world that the political class's days are ending. This raises the question: are the Greens worried about freedom coming back in parliaments and congresses around the world? I ask that because I support the President of the United States restoring freedom.