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Monday, 28 February 2011
Page: 756

The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk.]

Aged Care Act—Quality of Care Amendment Principles 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00266].

Airports Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2011 No. 1—Airports Amendment Regulations 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00219].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2005-2006—Determination to Reduce Appropriations Upon Request (No. 6 of 2010-2011) [F2011L00214].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2009-2010—Determination to Reduce Appropriations Upon Request (No. 7 of 2010-2011) [F2011L00218].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2009-2010 and Appropriation Act (No. 4) 2004-2005—Determination to Reduce Appropriations Upon Request (No. 4 of 2010-2011) [F2011L00211].

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act—Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (Confidentiality) Determination No. 5 of 2011—Information provided by locally-incorporated banks and foreign ADIs under Reporting Standard ARS 320.0 [F2011L00306].

Australian Research Council Act—

Discovery Projects Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2012 [F2011L00304].

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2011 [F2011L00301].

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—Instruments Nos CASA—

54/11—Instructions - for approved use of P-RNAV procedures [F2011L00295].

57/11—Permission - flying over a public gathering at the Australian International Air Show, Avalon; Permission - flying below minimum height at the Australian International Air Show, Avalon [F2011L00296].

62/11—Instructions - for approved use of P-RNAV procedures [F2011L00299].

81/11—Instructions - for approved use of P-RNAV procedures (Express Freighters, B767-300F aircraft) [F2011L00307].

EX05/11—Exemption - use of radiocommunication systems in firefighting operations (New South Wales Rural Fire Service) [F2011L00066].

EX12/11—Exemption under regulation 308 of CAR 1988 - carriage of cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders [F2011L00221].

EX13/11—Exemption - power-assisted glider at the Australian International Air Show, Avalon [F2011L00283].

EX17/11—Exemption - display of landing lights and navigation and anti-collision lights [F2011L00286].

EX18/11—Exemption - night acrobatic flight [F2011L00285].

EX19/11—Exemption - landing on moving vehicle [F2011L00284].

EX22/11—Exemption - turns after take-off at Australian International Air Show [F2011L00297].

EX23/11—Exemption - operations by sport and recreational aircraft in restricted area R979A [F2011L00300].

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—

Airworthiness Directives—

AD/AB139/3 Amdt 1—Fin Assembly [F2011L00275].

AD/CF6/65 Amdt 2—ECU Software Upgrade [F2011L00232].

AD/CF6/70 Amdt 1—Low Pressure Turbine Case [F2011L00236].

Instruments Nos—

11/1198—Alternative Means of Compliance to FAA Airworthiness Directive 2009-26-11 [F2011L00287].

CASA EX16/11—Exemption - for cabin crew member to use passenger seat [F2011L00260].

Manual of Standards Part 66 Instrument 2011 [F2011L00280].

Manual of Standards Part 145 Instrument 2011 [F2011L00281].

Manual of Standards Part 147 Instrument 2011 [F2011L00282].

Part 42 Manual of Standards Instrument 2011 [F2011L00279].

Revocation of Airworthiness Directives—Instrument No. CASA ADCX 003/11 [F2011L00216].

Commissioner of Taxation—Public Rulings—

Class Rulings CR 2011/8-CR 2011/20.

Product Rulings—

Erratum—PR 2009/49.

PR 2011/3.

Taxation Determinations—

Addenda—TD 92/164 and TD 92/198.

Errata—TD 50W, TD 93/37W and TD 2006/51A.

Taxation Rulings—

Addenda—TR 93/3 and TR 98/2.

TR 2011/1.

Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes) Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2011 No. 2—Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes) Amendment Regulations 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00239].

Competition and Consumer Act—Consumer Protection Notices Nos—

12 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Combustible Candle Holders [F2011L00220].

13 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Inflatable Toys, Novelties and Furniture Containing Beads [F2011L00222].

14 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Miniature Motorbikes (Monkey Bikes) with Unsafe Design Features [F2011L00224].

15 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Novelty Cigarettes [F2011L00225].

16 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Pools and Spas with Unsafe Design Features [F2011L00223].

17 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Sky Lanterns [F2011L00227].

18 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Toy-Like Novelty Cigarette Lighters [F2011L00228].

19 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Undeclared Knives or Cutters in Art, Craft and Stationery Sets [F2011L00229].

20 of 2011—Permanent Ban on Yo-Yo Water Balls [F2011L00230].

Corporations Act—

Accounting Standard AASB 2010-8—Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards - Deferred Tax: Recovery of Underlying Assets [F2011L00308].

ASIC Class Orders—

[CO 11/128] [F2011L00289].

[CO 11/140] [F2011L00278].

ASIC Market Integrity Rules (ASX Market) Amendment 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00217].

Customs Act—Tariff Concession Orders—

1044650 [F2011L00263].

1044710 [F2011L00265].

1044904 [F2011L00269].

1045125 [F2011L00268].

1045179 [F2011L00262].

Defence Act—Determinations under section 58B—Defence Determinations—

2011/8—Disturbance and motor vehicle allowance - amendment.

2011/9—Post indexes - amendment.

2011/10—Member with dependants (unaccompanied) - amendment.

2011/11—Salary non-reduction - Flight test engineers - amendment.

Education Services for Overseas Students Act—ESOS Assurance Fund 2011 Contributions Criteria [F2011L00233].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—

Amendments of lists of—

Exempt native specimens—EPBC303DC/SFS/2011/05 [F2011L00294].

Specimens taken to be suitable for live import—

EPBC/s.303EC/SSLI/Amend/040 [F2011L00293].

EPBC/s.303EC/SSLI/Amend/042 [F2011L00291].

EPBC/s.303EC/SSLI/Amend/044 [F2011L00292].

Threatened species, dated—

23 December 2010—





20 January 2011 [F2011L00258].

2 February 2011 [F2011L00288].

4 February 2011 [F2011L00290].

Notice of proposed accreditation of the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery Management Plan 2010, dated 24 February 2011 and attachments [2].

Federal Financial Relations Act—

Federal Financial Relations (General purpose financial assistance) Determinations—

No. 20 (November 2010) [F2011L00277].

No. 22 (January 2011) [F2011L00231].

Federal Financial Relations (National Partnership payments) Determination No. 30 (February 2011) [F2011L00243].

Financial Management and Accountability Act—Financial Management and Accountability Determination 2011/02 - Section 32 (Transfer of Functions from DSEWPC to DPMC) [F2011L00226].

Fisheries Management Act—

Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery Management Plan 2010—ETBF Fishing Season Determination 2011 [F2011L00234].

Fisheries Closures (Saving) Direction 2011 [F2011L00273].

Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery Management Plan 1995—Southern Bluefin Tuna Verified Count Determination 2011 [F2011L00235].

Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act—Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Amendment No. 121 - 2011 [F2011L00213].

Higher Education Support Act—Higher Education Provider Approvals Nos—

2 of 2011—TOP Education Group Pty Ltd [F2011L00241].

3 of 2011—Technical and Further Education Commission [F2011L00272].

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936—Select Legislative Instruments 2011 Nos—

3—Income Tax Amendment Regulations 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00244].

4—Income Tax Amendment Regulations 2011 (No. 2) [F2011L00247].

Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

Film Certification Advisory Board Rules 2008 (Amendment No. 1 of 2011) [F2011L00276].

Select Legislative Instrument 2011 No. 5—Income Tax Assessment Amendment Regulations 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00251].

Migration Act—

Migration Agents Regulations—Office of the MARA Notices—

MN07-11b of 2011—Migration Agents (Continuing Professional Development - Distance Learning) [F2011L00261].

MN07-11c of 2011—Migration Agents (Continuing Professional Development - Seminar) [F2011L00257].

MN07-11e of 2011—Migration Agents (Continuing Professional Development - Workshop) [F2011L00254].

MN07-11f of 2011—Migration Agents (Continuing Professional Development - Miscellaneous Activities) [F2011L00253].

Migration Regulations—Instruments IMMI—

10/085—Specification of occupations for nominations in relation to Subclass 457 (Business (Long Stay)) and Subclass 442 (Occupational Trainee) Visas [F2011L00246].

10/086—Level of salary and exemptions to the English language requirement for Subclass 457 (Business (Long Stay)) Visas [F2011L00249].

Statements for period 1 July to 31 December 2010 under sections—

46A(2) [49].

48B [13].


195A [10].

197AB [19].


351 [105].

417 [120].

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act—Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (Weekly Payments - Class of Persons) Specification 2011 [F2011L00238].

Motor Vehicle Standards Act—

Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 80/03 - Emission Control for Heavy Vehicles) 2006 Amendment 1 [F2011L00264].

Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 81/02 - Fuel Consumption Labelling for Light Vehicles) 2008 Amendment 4 [F2011L00271].

National Health Act—

Continence Aids Payment Scheme Variation 2011 (No. 2) [F2011L00215].

Instruments Nos PB—

14 of 2011—National Health (Listing of Pharmaceutical Benefits) Amendment Instrument 2011 (No. 3) [F2011L00302].

15 of 2011—National Health (Price and Special Patient Contribution) Amendment Determination 2011 (No. 2) [F2011L00298].

Private Health Insurance Act—Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Amendment Rules 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00274].

Remuneration Tribunal Act—Determination 2011/01: Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Public Office [F2011L00267].

Social Security Act—

Social Security (Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment) Determination 2011 (No. 5) [F2011L00242].

Social Security (Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payments) Determination 2011 (No. 6) [F2011L00255].

Taxation Administration Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2011 No. 6—Taxation Administration Amendment Regulations 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L00250].

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act—

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) (Emergency Service Facilities - New South Wales) Instrument 2011 [F2011L00305].

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) (Staff Members of Tasmania and South Australia Police) Declaration 2011 [F2011L00237].

Veterans’ Entitlements Act—Veterans’ Entitlements (Weekly Payments - Class of Persons) Specification 2011 [F2011L00240].

Water Act—Water Charge (Termination Fees) Amendment Rules 2011 [F2011L00270].

Governor-General’s Proclamation—Commencement of provisions of an Act

Financial Framework Legislation Amendment Act 2010—Schedule 5—1 March 2011 [F2011L00245].