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Tuesday, 16 November 2010
Page: 1379

Senator McLUCAS (Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers) (6:48 PM) —The government does not support amendments (1) and (3) on sheet 6195 as moved by the opposition. However, this government is very interested in working with the food industry to achieve a better health outcome for all of our community. This is not about excluding people, as Senator Fierravanti-Wells indicated. The senator said that by voting against this amendment these people would be excluded. Quite the contrary: the legislation indicates that there are no prescribed classes at all who will sit on the advisory council. If you are going to extrapolate to say we have to have industry, then you would go through and list someone from the research community, someone from Indigenous health, people who are epidemiologists and people from the health sector. You cannot say we have to quarantine just one or two spots for industry without saying there is a whole range of other people.

Progress reported.