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Thursday, 28 October 2010
Page: 1020

Senator SIEWERT (11:39 AM) —I do not want anybody taking away from this discussion the message that we are not fully committed to Indigenous housing—and I have been on the record dozens of times saying that.

Senator McLucas —I’m not suggesting that, Senator.

Senator SIEWERT —I was not implying that you were—that was just in case. During the inquiry, we did ask for the provision of hard evidence that this is happening, but it was not given at the time. This is dealing with the issue in Western Australia and Queensland. Have there been attempts in those states to negotiate using ILUAs for the particular issues that we are talking about? Is there a demonstration that that process has failed? What sort of oversight will there be to ensure that the states are in fact negotiating in good faith? As you just said, there will be consultation. What role will the Commonwealth have in ensuring that that happens in good faith? I take it from your previous answer that the states will negotiate in good faith, the same as they are expected to do under an ILUA.