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Thursday, 13 May 2010
Page: 2834

Senator FIELDING (Leader of the Family First Party) (9:37 AM) —This is a very serious issue, and we hear the Labor Party trying to weasel out of it. They ran around impersonating Family First in South Australia, and the Prime Minister has not got the guts to rule it out at the federal election. He should have come out the same day and ruled out doing these dirty tricks at this upcoming federal election. It was wrong. I am not just upset with the fact that they looked better than our people did! That was crazy. Maybe they got a discount on the shirts. I would like to know where they got the shirts from, because they were good shirts.

Senator Hutchins —We’ll give them to you!

Senator FIELDING —Great! Maybe you will get a bulk discount and give them to us. But it was totally wrong. It was misleading and deceptive, and here you are trying to stall on this issue. It is blatantly wrong and you should not be doing it. This motion has to go through today.

Senator Ludwig —You’re stalling. You’re sending it to a committee.

Senator FIELDING —This is a serious issue and you are treating it as if it is not. What happened in South Australia is misleading and deceptive and should be ruled out. The Prime Minister should straight away rule this out for the upcoming election.