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Tuesday, 18 March 2008
Page: 1071

Senator WONG (Minister for Climate Change and Water) (1:04 PM) —I will read the Forward with Fairness policy implementation plan issued by the then Labor leader, Kevin Rudd, and the then shadow minister for employment and industrial relations in August 2007:

Because AWAs will not be a feature of Labor’s new industrial relations system, transitional arrangements are required. The transition arrangements for Australian Workplace Agreements will be:

  • AWAs made prior to the implementation date of Labor’s Transition Bill will remain in force and may only be terminated in accordance with current rules which allow termination by agreement between the parties during the term of the AWA or by one party providing 90 days’ notice to the other after the nominal expiry date of the agreement.

That is on page 7 of the policy issued in August 2007. This bill delivers on our election commitment.