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Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Page: 197

Senator McLucas asked the Minister representing the Minister for Ageing, upon notice, on 20 April 2007:

(1)   Can details be provided of the dates, form and purpose of all communications in 2006 and 2007 between Mr Russel Egan Jr and/or the Superior Care Group or their representatives, with: (a) the department; and (b) the Minister’s office.

(2)   With reference to page 8 of the report of the investigation into the bed licence allocations in the South Coast Aged Care Planning Region, which describes a meeting attended by the Assistant Secretary, Residential Program Management Branch of the Ageing and Aged Care Division of the department, Mr Egan Jr, the former Senator Santo Santoro and a member of his staff: (a) who convened the meeting; (b) where was it held; and (c) can a copy be provided of the ‘dot point’ background brief for this meeting.

(3)   How many other meetings were convened, with whom and when, between the then Minister and unsuccessful 2005 Aged Care Allocation Round applicants.

Senator Ellison (Minister for Human Services) —The Minister for Ageing has provided the following answer to the honourable senator’s question:

(1)   The information would be protected information under Division 86 of the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Act) in that it would comprise personal information about an individual and information about the affairs of an approved provider that was acquired in the course of performing duties or exercising powers or functions under the Act.

(2) (a)   The meeting was convened by staff of the former Minister for Ageing, the Hon Santo Santoro.

(b)   At Parliament House, Canberra.

(c)   The background brief prepared for the Departmental staff member who attended the meeting is at Attachment A.

(3)       I, as the current Minister for Ageing, do not hold records of meetings attended by the former Minister for Ageing. The Department does not retain records of all meetings held by the former Minister for Ageing.

Attachment A

Dot Points - Meeting with Russell Egan

EO Wellington Park Private Care

“In the 2005 ACAR, Redlands was identified as a community of interest (COI) for the Brisbane South Region in Qld. Can you please advise why no allocation was made to this community of interest?”

  • In the 2005 ACAR 75 residential places were identified as available for allocation in the Brisbane South Aged Care Planning Region.
  • Two geographic areas were identified - Outer Brisbane South and Redland.
  • The planning region has an operational aged care ratio in excess of the 88 national benchmark for residential services (At 30 June 2005 it was 91.5).
  • Outer Brisbane South is the only COI in the region which is below the national benchmark ratio and needs places now.
  • Redland was identified as an area of future need based on predicted growth.
  • Outer Brisbane South had the most urgent need.
  • 20 applications for 922 places were received

   -  13 for Outer Brisbane South, 5 for Redland, one to SW Brisbane and one to Bayside.

  • The strongest applications for the 75 places were received from providers operating in Outer Brisbane South. Between them they received the 75 places:

   -  23 to the Alzheimers Association at Garden City

   -  46 to the Presbyterian Church for a new service at Carina and

   -  6 places to Qld Rehabilitation Services at Carindale.

  • A further 24 places were allocated from the state pool to K&M Healthcare (9 of these were for non-English-speaking background - Chinese places) for its service at Eight Mile Plains (Outer Brisbane South).
  • The QLD State Office is happy to provide a debrief to any applicant.
  • The invitation to apply for places in the 2006 ACAR is expected to be advertised on 27 May 2006.