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Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Page: 151

Senator LUDWIG (6:47 PM) —I am still pressing for a response from the government on the matters that I raised. I will not let that go. The government has not indicated a response to the issues dealing with section 60AB and 60AC and the way the fee structure will work. The government has said in a short-form way that it will deal with it in the regulation. What the government has not indicated is how it will address the range of issues that I have put on record today. Will the government say that these issues will be dealt with by regulation in due course?

It seems to me that not all of those matters that I asked about will be dealt with by regulation. But if the government’s response is that those matters will be dealt with by regulation then I will wait to see that regulation. We will have another opportunity to go through it should it be a disallowable instrument. So the short question is: can the government confirm that it will be a disallowable instrument, that it will bring it back and that it will deal with all of the matters that I have raised? If it is a disallowable instrument and it does not deal with all of those matters, we will have an opportunity to debate it again at that point.