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Wednesday, 10 March 2004
Page: 21299

Senator IAN CAMPBELL (Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads) (6:44 PM) —It is in the assumptions, to answer Senator Allison's questions. While I am on my feet, could I also—

Senator Allison —What is in the assumptions?

Senator IAN CAMPBELL —You said we all hope that bulk-billing rates will go up in what you call electorates and we call RRMAs. You then said, `But was it in the assumptions?' My answer, which I did not have before me before, is that yes, it is in the assumptions. There are assumptions. In relation to the 30 per cent rebate that Senator Nettle referred to in saying that this money shows that we do not care about the public health system, the figures show that the private health fund rebate, or whatever it is technically called, has actually had a significant impact on—

Senator Nettle —They show the opposite.

Senator IAN CAMPBELL —I will provide the figures to you.