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Friday, 28 November 2003
Page: 18399

Senator NETTLE (1:49 PM) —We may be able to deal with this issue now rather than in the next amendment, which relates to people who enter an area of a nuclear facility. People may recall that there was an incident where a range of antinuclear campaigners from Greenpeace were involved in putting up a series of banners at Lucas Heights.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Watson)—Order! Perhaps it might be better to clear this one amendment rather than to jump ahead to the next amendment, because your item is the subject of the next amendment.

Senator NETTLE —Yes. Thank you, Chair, for pointing that out. The incident that I am talking about relates to both these two items that we are talking about, so if I do it now it saves us from doing it later. But I am happy to take your advice on that.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —You may go ahead.

Senator NETTLE —I was giving the minister an example of a range of antinuclear campaigners putting up a series of banners at Lucas Heights about work that was being done there. The issue we are about to get on to relates to people being on the premises, but the issue we are dealing with now is information being provided to people that may prejudice physical security. I do not know the circumstances in which campaigners were able to put up banners at the Lucas Heights facility, but can the minister explain whether or not somebody who provided information to those campaigners—about where they could put up banners in the Lucas Heights facility—would be caught under the part of the legislation we are dealing with now?