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Friday, 28 November 2003
Page: 18395

Senator NETTLE (1:33 PM) —I thank the minister for restating what is in the bill; I am aware of what is in the bill, as is the Senate. I am asking for an interpretation of what can prejudice the physical security of the nuclear material. I understand the processes, perhaps more so than the minister who is here at the moment, because I have been through this process with the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee and I have been involved with the community groups who are campaigning against the transport of material through particular local council areas. The question that they need answered and that the community groups and the local councils have been asking the Greens about this legislation, is: will it have an impact on them?

Information is produced by local councils to let their citizens know that nuclear material will be transported through that local council area. They do that because they believe the public has a right to know about the transportation of that material. A whole range of local councils and mayors have come out and said, `We don't support the transportation of this material through our area.' The reason the Greens are asking these questions is that the local councils and the antinuclear campaigners have asked us if this legislation will have an impact on them. So could the minister provide for the Senate an idea of the government's intentions under this legislation? Does it cover this information and this distribution of information by local councillors and by antinuclear campaigners about the transport of material through their areas?