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Thursday, 14 August 2003
Page: 13607
[12:34 PM]

The committee divided.

(The Temporary Chairman—Senator L.J. Kirk)

DIVISION:NOES 38 (28 majority) AYES 10 PAIRS 0
Allison, L.F. *Bartlett, A.J.J.
Brown, B.J.Cherry, J.C.
Greig, B.Harradine, B.
Murray, A.J.M.Nettle, K.
Ridgeway, A.D.Stott Despoja, N.
Abetz, E.Barnett, G.
Bishop, T.M.Bolkus, N.
Buckland, G.Calvert, P.H.
Campbell, G.Carr, K.J.
Chapman, H.G.P.Colbeck, R.
Collins, J.M.A.Denman, K.J.
Eggleston, A.Evans, C.V.
Faulkner, J.P.Ferris, J.M. *
Forshaw, M.G.Hill, R.M.
Humphries, G.Hutchins, S.P.
Kirk, L.Knowles, S.C.
Lees, M.H.Ludwig, J.W.
Lundy, K.A.Marshall, G.
Mason, B.J.McGauran, J.J.J.
McLucas, J.E.Payne, M.A.
Ray, R.F.Santoro, S.
Scullion, N.G.Stephens, U.
Tchen, T.Troeth, J.M.
Webber, R.Wong, P.

Question negatived.