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Thursday, 14 August 2003
Page: 13616

Senator LUNDY (10:37 AM) —While the minister is collecting his thoughts to respond to that, another opening has been created for Labor to say that the name of the commission or council is actually not a point about semantics, as Senator Allison implied. As I said earlier, the fundamental issue here is: with the commission gone, their independence goes too. That change is far more than just a name. I highlighted that point—as, I think, Senator Allison well knows—because the whole decision making structure has moved from an independent commission to an advisory council, with the decisions about heritage listing residing with the minister's office. That is what has changed. It is far more than just a name change. I pointed out the use of the word `commission' as a symbol of the significance of that change—a change which, I say again, means that Labor is now unable to support what is before us as we proceed through the debate.