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Monday, 11 August 2003
Page: 12992

Senator BARTLETT (Queensland— Leader of the Australian Democrats) (4.07 p.m.)—by leave—I move the motion as amended:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) the June 2003 edition of the Australian Veterinary Association Journal contained a report from a veterinarian, Dr Petra Sodom, entitled `Welfare of cattle transported from Australia to Egypt',

(ii) the report described thousands of animals enduring overcrowded and filthy conditions and inadequate ventilation while aboard the livestock carriers at sea,

(iii) the report also detailed that those animals that did survive the journey to Egypt were, upon arrival, turned over to ill-prepared and inexperienced stockmen and slaughter men, resulting in extreme cruelty and suffering, and

(iv) the author's statement that she `negotiated a range of measures to improve the situation with representatives of Lovelorn, but none has yet been put into practice';

(b) condemns the Government for its failure to enforce minimum animal welfare standards in the live export industry; and

(c) demands the Government immediately:

(i) adopts the key recommendation of the Independent Reference Group and enforces a risk management approach to all live animal shipments,

(ii) takes action against exporters responsible for repeated poor animal mortality events,

(iii) improves support for the development of Australia's trade in chilled and frozen meat, and

(iv) initiates consultation with countries importing Australian animals to ensure appropriate protocols for the handling and slaughter of animals are developed, implemented and enforced.

By way of brief explanation, whilst I preferred my original motion, in order to get the support of the ALP I amended it in terms that I hope they will now support.

Question agreed to.

Senator Boswell —Mr Acting Deputy President, I ask that it be recorded that I voted against the motion.