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Tuesday, 3 December 2002
Page: 7056

Senator BROWN (8:59 PM) —That has very much shortened my next contribution to the Senate—

Senator Patterson —That was very unbiased and observant!

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —I am unbiased and observant.

Senator BROWN —You are correct, Mr Temporary Chairman. I am sorry that Senator Patterson feels that way. Senator Patterson, the most important part of my question was a request for information. What is the basis for opening up pharmaceutical testing on embryonic stem cells? I also ask whether the minister could outline why testing on stem cells for cosmetics ought not to be a matter for us to debate and decide on, yea or nay. That is what I really want to know. In the absence of a good argument from the government or the minister as to why we should be endorsing pharmaceutical testing or cosmetic testing on embryonic stem cells, I am left to make up my mind on the matter no better informed than when I first got to my feet—and I will do so. I am sorry if the senator feels she is impugned; I had no intention of doing that.

Senator Patterson —Well, you did.

Senator BROWN —People who introduce bills in here have to expect they will be questioned at length and in full, and I will not desist from that in any measure.