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Wednesday, 16 October 2002
Page: 5245

Senator HARRADINE (11:20 AM) —I would have to agree. I am not sure how it will affect me, or anybody else for that matter, but I think it is a bit of an anachronism. When I first came here many years ago—this is my 28th year in the parliament—we were told that the gold pass we were given then could be used to get into the MCG. If you could use your gold pass to do that these days, I might vote for it. Seriously, though, I think there is a case for abolishing the gold pass. I just wonder whether the minister could enlighten us as to whether or not frequent flyer points could be used and expended before payment is made for the other entitlements. I am not sure what ought to be the case now—whether frequent flyer points can be used even now. You obviously cannot get a seat on a flight to or from Canberra when we come here because they are always chock-a-block. I would like to be informed as to why all those frequent flyer points should not be expended by the holder of a gold pass on retirement before the entitlement kicks in.