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Monday, 16 September 2002
Page: 4221

Senator George Campbell asked the Minister representing the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, upon notice, on 22 July 2002:

(1) Has the Federal Government decided to reverse its decision to prematurely terminate the Enhanced Printing Industries Competitiveness Scheme; if so: (a) on what date was this decision made; (b) when was this decision announced; and (c) how was the decision announced.

(2) What is the planned date for the recommencement of the scheme.

(3) Will any companies be disadvantaged by the gap in the operation of the scheme.

(4) Has there been any effort made to inform the printing industry of the resumption of the scheme; if so, in what form were these efforts.

(5) How many applications for the scheme have been received since 14 May 2002.

(6) Have there been any changes made to the scheme itself or the administration of the scheme; if so, what are the changes and the reasons for the changes.

(7) What is the intended end date of the scheme.

(8) How will the scheme be funded.

(9) What are the annual budget allocations to the scheme.

(10) Why does the AusIndustry website not announce that the scheme has recommenced.

Senator Minchin (Minister for Finance and Administration) —The Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) The Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources wrote to the Printing Industries Association of Australia signalling the Government's intention to restore the program on 28 June 2002. The Printing Industry Association of Australia shortly thereafter published this information on its website at .

(2) The scheme has been re-opened.

(3) No.

(4) see (1) above

(5) Since 14 May 2002 twenty applications have been received from one firm.

(6) EPICS will continue as previously, but with modifications to clarify some minor technical matters. These will be reflected in new ministerial guidelines and customer guidelines and the modifications were the subject of consultations with the Printing Industries Association of Australia.

(7) The scheme will expire on 30 June 2004 consistent with the Appropriation (Supplementary Measures) Act (No. 1) 1999.

(8) The scheme is funded from the Appropriation (Supplementary Measures) Act (No. 1) 1999.

(9) The budget allocations are as follows:

00-01 ($m)

01-02 ($m)

02-03 ($m)

03-04 ($m)





(10) The AusIndustry website has been amended to announce the reopening of the program.